Cardiorespiratory Fitness - Road Marches

The road or foot march is one of the best ways to improve and maintain fitness. Road marches are classified as either administrative or tactical, and they can be conducted in garrison or in the field. Soldiers must be able to move quickly, carry a load (rucksack) of equipment, and be physically able to perform their missions after extended marching.

Benefits Of Road Marches
Road marches are an excellent aerobic activity. They also help develop endurance in the muscles of the lower body when soldiers carry a heavy load. Road marches offer several benefits when used as part of a fitness program. They are easy to organize, and large numbers of soldiers can participate. In addition, when done in an intelligent, systematic, and progressive manner, they produce relatively few injuries. Many soldier-related skills can be integrated into road marches. They can also help troops acclimatize to new environments. They help train leaders to develop skills in planning, preparation, and supervision and let leaders make first-hand observations of the soldiers’ physical stamina. Because road marches are excellent fitness training activities, commanders should make them a regular part of their unit’s PT program.