Cardiorespiratory Fitness - Last-man-up-running

This type of running, which includes both sprinting and paced running, improves CR endurance and conditions the legs. It consists of 40-to 50-yard sprints at near-maximum effort. This type of running is best done by squads and sections. Each squad leader places the squad in an evenly-spaced, single-file line on a track or a smooth, flat course. During a continuous 2- to 3-mile run of moderate intensity, the squad leader, running in the last position, sprints to the front of the line and becomes the leader. When he reaches the front, he resumes the moderate pace of the whole squad. After he reaches the front, the next soldier, who is now at the rear, immediately sprints to the front. The rest of the soldiers continue to run at a moderate pace. This pattern of sprinting by the last person continues until each soldier has resumed his original position in line. This pattern of sprinting and running is repeated several times during the run. The distance run and number of sprints performed should increase as the soldiers’ conditioning improves.